Venus transit - 06.06.2012

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Thanks to my friend Emil Ivanov enthusiasm we organize observing session of the Venus transit phenomena on the Black Sea coast near Shkorpilovtsi village. We enjoy a lot with the pursuit of transiting Venus through the fluffy clouds and slight rain …

This animation consists 81 images taken by me during the sunrise with APO 90/600 refractor telescope @ f/6.7 and Canon EOS350D camera. The movie was created by my friend Emil Ivanov who has perfect knowledge and skills to do this :-)

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On Emil's web site you can see more images...


Optic(s): APO 90/600 @ f/6.7
Mount: Tripod
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Filters: Sunrise - w/o filter, next stages Baader Astro Solar Safety Film - visual ND5
Dates/Times: 2012-06-06
Location: Varna, Shkorpilovtsi village - Black Sea coast
Exposure Details:


More details: No reduction
Guiding: No



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