LBN 460 - Bright Nebula in Lacerta

LRGB combination (Click for a larger view 1800 x 1260 px)


LBN 460 - Bright Nebula in Lacerta

LBN 460 is a bright nebula which is rarely imaged. I found a very few images in the internet. This interesting object which resembles a bird is about 30 arc min long and it is situated in constalation Lacerta, very close to the border with Andromeda. This nebula is a dificult object to capture and to process. It needs considerable amount of exposure time. The lonely sharp spike on the left (North) comes from the 5.6 magnitude star 16 Lac (SAO 52512).

My friend Emil Ivanov a well-known astrophotographer who first saw my image of LBN 460 mentioned that the nebula resembles the ethereal and delicate colibri bird and he suggests the name "Colibri Nebula"

The North is on the left. The FOV is about 35' x 20' (significant crop from the original FOV due to bad flatframing). The image almost centered at:

Right Ascension 22:57:18(h:m:s)
Declination 41:16:04 (deg:m:s)
Distance - (kly)
Brightness -(mag)
Apparent Dimension

30' x 20' (arc min)

Seeing: Pickering 7 rating - Good
Optic(s): RC 12" with Astro-Physics corrector @ f/5
Mount: ASA DDM85 Premium
Camera: ATIK 4000 - monochrome CCD – 2048 x 2048 px ; 16x16 mm; 7.4 µm x 7.4 µm
Filters: Astronomik LRGB, SupaSlim TrueTechnology Computerized Filter Wheel
Dates/Times: 2012-11-8, 9, 10. 11
Location: IRIDA Observatory, BG, longitude: E 24 44' 18", latitude: N 41 41' 42"
Exposure Details:

L=255 min, R = 105 min, G = 105 min, B = 105 min (Bin 1), subs. 15 min, Total Exposure Time - 570 min (9.5 hours)

More details: Dark and flat frames reduction
Guiding: All subexposures are unguided

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