According to my plans for establishing a Roll-Of-Roof Observatory I decide to make ready a pier adapter for Celestron CGE equatorial mount.

The aim was to attach the pier adapter to the main concrete pier. Celestron CGE mount attaches to the upper adapter plate in the same manner as attaching to the Celestron CGE tripod.

The design was inspired from the image of CGE pier adapter I have seen in the web site of Michael Paur, a friend of mine from Germany. I am very grateful to him for the entire help I have got for completing my astronomical equipment. The difference is that I decide to use three steel bars (long bolts) and to get easier way for leveling.

The pier adapter was designed to add a finished appearance to the top of the future concrete telescope pier. The pier adapter ought to provides stable platform for CGE. The upper plate matches Celestron CGE electronic pier. The bottom plate allows prime azimuth adjustment with three oval shaped openings.

The top parts of pier adapter are made from duralumin and only the nuts and bars are made from steel. After the fixing CGE pier adapter to the main concrete pier all parts will be black colored to prevent any lights beam refraction.

Once the pier is cured in concrete one could use the three top nuts for level adjusting by a water-level. Then using a wrench the nuts have to be tightened equally as much as possible to maintain level.

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For non commercial use only.

If someone is interested I could help with the detailed plans for free via e-mail. The sizes are in a metric system only.


What you see below is the mechanical drawing in 3D and pictures of finished CGE adapter pier.


View 1

The drawings of CGE adapter pier. The parts assembled and disassembled

View 2

The two main parts: upper and bottom plates.

View 3

The same view as previous. One can see the three openings with oval shape.

View 4

The two discs assembled with the bolts tightened by hand.

View 5

Allen wrench for bolts tightening.

View 6

The two discs assembled.

Notice the oval shaped openings at 120 degrees apart. They allow prime azimuth adjustment of the setup.

View 7

The final result - assembled with tree steel bars, nuts and washers.


View 8

The steel bars will be fixed within the main concrete pier. After that all parts will be black colored to prevent any lights beam refraction.

View 9

Celestron CGE electronic pier with control panel.


View 10

Close up view of Celestron CGE electronic pier with control panel.


View 11

The adapter pier still waiting to be mount in my future Roll-Of-Roof Observatory.


To obtain drawings in 3D for free please e-mail me. For non commercial use only.


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